Secondary correction of post-traumatic malar depression and orbital floor defect with iliac crest onlay graft and titanium mesh

Dr. Kruti A. Shah, Dr. Hemal R. Brahmkshatriya, Dr.Rakesh Shah, Dr. Hardik R. Patel

Zygomatic fracture results from direct impact on bone, causing fractures involving one or more of its processes. Injury that is more violent involves contralateral side maxilla, orbital part and sometime mandible. Immediate treatment necessitates open reduction and internal fixation, which sometimes leaves secondary defects like depression in the malar region or ocular deformities. Such defects are addressed secondarily either by re-fracturing and realigning the malunited fragments or by camouflage procedures using autologous and alloplastic materials. 25 years old male patient came with chief complain of facial asymmetry and numbness over cheek region since one and half year with a history of fall down injury and fracture of left zygomatic complex region, which was treated with, open reduction internal fixation. We noted depressed Zygomatic-malar and ocular areas. We did bone reconstruction procedure with iliac crest bone graft for orbital floor and used onlay graft and titanium mesh for malar region correction.

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