Qualitative and Quantitative Production of Secondary Metabolites from Pseudomonas fluorescens from Pseudolin-LF.

Usha Raja Nanthini, A., Thulasi Raman, N., Poomari, K., Ramesh, S., Mariselvam, R. and Ranjit singh, A. J. A.

In this work Pseudomonas fluorescens was isolated from commercially available Bio- control agent namely Pseudolin-LF and identified with suitable biochemical tests. This isolated P. fluorescens was cultivated in a laboratory scale bioreactor for obtaining secondary metabolite in King’s B and Nutrient Broth with Glucose media. The centrifuged cell free substrates were tested for its antibacterial activity. The product quality of the crude extract obtained from two different media was analysed with UV- Spectrophotometer. UV- Vis spectrum and Antibacterial activity revealed that Nutrient Broth with Glucose medium might be better for qualitative and quantitative production of secondary metabolites.

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