Effects of Concept and Vee Mapping Strategy on Students’ Motivation in Biology in Secondary Schools in Uasin – Gishu District, Kenya

Namasaka, F. W., Mondoh, H. and Keraro, F. N.

This study investigated the effects of using concept and Vee mapping strategy (CVMS) teaching approach on secondary school students’ motivation in Biology. A non – equivalent control group design under the Quasi – experimental research was used in which a random sample of 4 co-educational secondary schools was obtained in Uasin – Gishu District. These 4 schools were randomly assigned to four groups. Each school provided one Form Two class for the study hence a total of 144 students were involved. Students in all the groups were taught the same Biology content but in two groups they were taught through CVMS approach while the rest were taught using regular teaching methods. Before the four weeks course started, the students in the treatment groups were trained in concept and Vee mapping learning techniques. Two groups were pre-tested prior to the implementation of CVMS treatment. At the end of teaching, all therefore groups were post – tested using the students motivation questionnaires (SMQ1 and SMQ2) The data was analyzed using one- way ANOVA and t-test. The results show that students exposed to CVMS approach have significantly higher motivation than those taught through regular methods. The Researchers conclude that CVMS is an effective teaching approach which Biology teachers should be encouraged to use.

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