Detergent (Thf) Mediated Zno Nanoparticles and Their Characterization

Vikas Sharma and Rohit Saraf

ZnO Nanoparticles are the formost and widely used in the field of biotechnology and molecular Nanoelectronics. Due to increasing demand, highly specified and monodispersed Nanoparticles formation is a revolutionary field. Here ZnO Nanoparticles are prepared by taking Tetrahydrofuran(detergent) as a solution phase instead of DMSO and other wet chemicals. It is proved to be the first preparation of ZnO Nanoparticles via detergent. The results are quite appreciable and less band gap- long range ordered ZnO Nanoparticles are obtained than the conventional route. Nanoparticles are examined through UV-Vis Spectroscopy, XRD and SEM analysis.

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