Current trends in port-wise ornamental fish export from India

Dalie Dominic A., Dr. N.D. Inasu and Swapana Johny

The ornamental fish industry represents an essential section of international trade, expanding in all dimensions and providing aesthetic pleasure and financial openings. Currently the European Union is the largest market for ornamental fish however, the single largest importer country is United States (US). A precise figure on the trade value of the ornamental fish industry is lacking still the live trade components imported to different countries is approximately estimated to be $278 million US dollars according to the FAO. This paper summarizes the current trends in port-wise ornamental fish export from India. Data were collected on the export of ornamental fish from India. The data was analysed. Ornamental fish export totalled US dollar 1.24 million (559 lakhs) in 2010-2011. The average unit value realization has remained consistent. Exports rose from sixty tons to sixty five tons during the study period with compound annual growth rate of 1.34%.

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