Construction and comparative evaluation of a fired briquette and mold oven

Oladimeji, S. T., Akinyele, O. A., Aremu, D. O., Babajide, N. A., Oke A. M., and Ogunlade, C. A.

Biomass; the plant matter for generating heat or electricity via direct combustion or gasification was used in the construction of a briquette and mold oven, this was done locally to substitute fuel scarcity and reduce the threat of global warming in Nigeria. The performance evaluation was carried out using water boiling test (WBT). The results obtained from the tests carried out on the biomass briquette oven (BBO) were compared with the mold oven. The result of the test indicates that the briquette oven (BBO) used an average of 69g of wood to boil 1 liter of water in about 8 min (5 liters in 38 min) as against 326g of wood to boil the same 1 liter of water in about 25 min(5 liters in 126 min) using the mold oven. The thermal efficiency of the BBO (67%) was better than the mold oven (16%). The firepower of the mold oven (3422 kW) was higher than the BBO (2192 kW) which is in agreement with the burning rate as the mold oven fire consumed more wood per unit time for the same task. In most aspects of oven performance, the BBO was better than the mold and thus, it is recommended for use.

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